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The Right to Choose - The struggle never ends!

AQ was a staunch advocate of reproductive rights and union support was a key element in Hawaii passing, in 1970, the first law in the United States that gave women the right to choose!

In 1988, Political Science Professor Dan Tuttle and I had the privilege to interview Vincent Yano (1921- 2005). Yano, a dedicated Catholic was chair of the Hawaiʻi Senate Health and Welfare Committee and the issue of abortion fell under his purview.

Mr. Yano got his undergraduate degree from the University of Dayton, a private Catholic University and obtained his law degree at Harvard. He devoted long hours researching the abortion issue. He helped steer passage of Hawaiʻi’s landmark legislation. It is interesting to note that it was a Jesuit Priest who helped clarify Mr. Yano’s thinking about abortion.

Current events prove that Yano’s fears that new membership on the U.S. Supreme Court might result in overturning Roe v. Wade were justified.

Vincent Yano, took a courageous and principled stand. You can find the complete of this interview in the UH Mānoa Scholarspace.

Many thanks to all who subscribe to this bulletin and those who have helped support our Ah Quon McElrath documentary, The Struggle Never Ends!

Mahalo Nui Loa,

Chris Conybeare

Executive Producer

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