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Smell the roses!

Aloha e,


We know AQ as a determined fighter for the working class and the cause of

unionism, she was not one dimensional. She was a leader in struggles for

women’s rights, health care reforms, rights of the elderly and many community

issues. We know her as a superb orator and organizer.


There is also the less known, private AQ. Her friend, Claire Shimabukuro, shares

her insight into AQ’s philosophy about needing to “smell the roses”!

AQ wasn’t only into enjoyment of the classics in music, literature and drama. She

also enjoyed a good game of poker with her friends!


2024 will be filled with challenges and struggle, but we hope that each of you will

have time to “smell the roses” and recharge your energy for the challenges



Once again we want to thank you for your generous support of the AQ Project.

The documentary is on track for completion in 2024 and each month we continue

to post the AQ Bulletin on our website ( These

vignettes, drawn from our extensive video archive help tell the story of the

struggles of Hawaii’s working people and progressive leadership.


Mahalo Nui Loa,

Chris Conybeare,

Executive Producer

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