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AQ - a fighter for the rights of women

Aloha e,


Coming up on March 8 is International Women’s Day, a time for celebration of women’s achievements and to renew our commitment to gender equality! Throughout her life, AQ was a fighter for the rights of women. Her consistent message was that through the trade union movement women can win parity with male colleagues.


Our director/editor, Joy Chong-Stannard has found an interview with Ah Quon from 2008. She talks about how she helped educate wives and women friends of longshoremen about how union membership benefits the entire family.

AQ started working as a volunteer with the labor movement and the ILWU

as early as 1932. Her story illuminates a time of dynamic change in Hawai‘i’s political and economic system. Our documentary, The Struggle Never Ends, about AQ’s life and times will premier this year. Stay tuned to the Ah Quon Labor History website ( for news about the documentary as well as more excerpts from our video archive.


Mahalo Nui Loa,

Chris Conybeare

Executive Producer

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