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Hauʻoli makahiki hou!

Aloha e,

The beginning of the year brings to mind both the ideas of new beginnings and of nostalgia for the past.

In our archive we have an example from the remembrances of historian and former plantation worker, Barbara Kawakami. It was a new beginning for her when she he took a job as a maid for a well to do haole (Caucasian) couple. Barbara was both terrified and excited about this opportunity to see how others lived. It was her first real experience with haole culture and she was fascinated with the food consumed by her employer. Among other things, she was intrigued about, Jello!

As we think about the past, one thing missing last year has been getting together with family, friends and neighbors just to enjoy and celebrate events. We found a clip of Filipino musicians to whom we were introduced by television journalist, Emme Tomimbang, for a Rice & Roses show: Music from Filipino Camp, in 1988.

Since our notes on this production are not readily available, we ask for your help in identifying the members of this band! If you recognize someone please let us know.

Please note that we have been able to preserve and digitize these video clips because of a generous donation from Frank Moy and his wife, Marcia Mau. Their support is allowing us to rescue thousands of hours of fragile video tape and make our documentation of Hawaiʻi plantation and labor history accessible to students, educators, and the general public!

Please help our efforts by sharing this email and visit our website where you can find many more of these stories!

Wishing you good health for 2021!


Chris Conybeare,

Executive Producer

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